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Physical Education

Need a Way to Incorporate Math into Physical Education?

With Math & Movement, you can successfully teach P.E. and increase math skills!

Math & Movement™ is a kinesthetic, multi-sensory approach to teaching math that incorporates physical exercise, stretching, cross-body movements, yoga, and visually-pleasing floor mats designed to encourage students to practice math concepts. The Math & Movement™ program allows students to physically hop, walk, crawl, dance or touch the mats and banners as they learn thus using more learning modalities (visual, auditory, motor and kinesthetic) when practicing.

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Train at the National Math Foundation Summer Institute

“As a physical educator, you told me that the Summer Institute would NOT overwhelm me
and that I would find great benefit from Math & Movement.  YOU EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS!
I can see the benefits of using Math & Movement in physical education, tutoring, RTI interventions, support team interventions, before school exercise clubs, after school math clubs, recess and in the classroom. My objective was to find a way to reach the students that often times ‘fall through the cracks.’ As we know, 100% of low-income students are kinesthetic learners—a great reason to do this program! I am really excited about this. As a physical educator, it feels good to be able to contribute to helping our students master the CCSS.”

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Check out our new Training Manual for K-5 Education!

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Physical Education Training Manual

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“Math and Movement has transformed my Physical Education program and allowed me to simultaneously teach my standards and practice math and literacy skills! An amazing way to help meet the needs of the whole child!”

“The data on Math and Movement is so impressive! It’s exciting to find a program that is fully developed,
connects the P. E. standards with the Common Core, and works!”


Use Your Teaching Skill to Earn Extra Money

Math & Movement is Hiring Educational Consultants

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5th Grade Pre and Post Results – Multiplication of 6’s

In Tennessee, a PE teacher learned about Math & Movement at a conference. She wrote a grant for the Math & Movement training and materials. After receiving the grant, she collected this data. The data represents pre and post-testing of 5th grade students. The post-testing occurred after engaging the students in Math & Movement activities on three occasions and only during PE class. Her Superintendent was so impressed that he invited her to make a presentation to the Board of Education.

1st Bar (Blue) is pre-test # of correct answers

2nd Bar (Red) is post-test # of correct answers

graph 1

5th grade Multiplication of 6’s –
Percentage of Increase from Pre to Post Test

graph 2




Bring Math & Movement to Your Physical Education Classes!

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