Fraction Walk Floor Mat (Thirds & Sixths)


This colorful floor mat provides visual cues to the relationships between parts and wholes. The mat show proper and improper fractions with numerals and symbols.


Dimensions: 40 inches x 130 inches

Materials: Heavy duty vinyl with 2 grommets for hanging

Includes: 1/3 – 15/3 , 1 – 5, 1/6 – 30/6

Sample Activity:

How many thirds in 5?

Have your student count how many thirds are in 5 by stepping on each third while counting their steps from one to fifteen. If your student’s counting is out of sync with his/her steps, have them go back and start over.

Knowledge of skip counting helps students understand fractions. If your student knows how to skip count by threes, and they can see that there are three-thirds in each of the whole numbers, then they can skip count to figure out how many thirds are in each whole number. To figure out how many thirds are in 3, have your student count ‘3, 6, 9’. To figure out how many thirds are in 5 count, ‘3, 6, 9, 12, 15’.


A downloadable activity guide is included and will be sent in your confirmation email.