Hundred Number Grid (10.5′ x 10.5′)


A larger version of our Add/Subtract Floor Mat.

The numbers 1-100 are laid out in a colorful grid. This 10.5′ x 10.5′ mat is a great tool for counting drill and practicing adding and subtracting.


Dimensions: 10.5 feet x 10.5 feet

Materials: Heavy duty vinyl with 4 grommets for hanging

Includes: numbers 1-100

Sample Activity:

Stand on the number 1.

Have someone call out a number to add (“Seven!”)

Jump to the sum of 1 plus 7.

Continue jumping from number to number as you add.

Variation: The person calling numbers can say “add” or “subtract” first.


Click below to download free images of large-size coins to print, cut out and laminate for use with this mat!






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