Make Sums Set

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Learn to add numbers to arrive at seven, eight or nine, what makes numbers odd or even, and other early math counting and manipulation skills. These large format mats include numbers, words and symbol groups for each number.

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Discounted set of all three Make Sums Mats, a savings of $20 off the price of the individual mats!

Dimensions: Make 7 Mat – 22 inches x 84 inches / Make 8 Mat – 22 inches x 92 inches / Make 9 Mat – 22 inches x 102

Materials: Heavy duty vinyl with 2 grommets for hanging

Includes: Make 7, Make 8, and Make 9 Mats

Sample Activity:

Notice that all the numbers have corresponding pictures (smiley faces, diamonds, or check marks). This is intended for children to learn the value of the numbers. Notice that the number two has two pictures. These two pictures are buddies. Two is an even number! The number three has three pictures. Two of the pictures are buddies but there is one left over! Odd numbers have one left over. Three is an odd number.