Math & Movement Symposium



Math & Movement is a kinesthetic, multi-sensory approach to teaching math that incorporates physical exercise, stretching, cross-body move­ments, and visually-pleasing floor mats. Math & Movement increases fluency and deepens conceptual understanding of the math concepts included in the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS).

This unique, two-day professional development includes training in brain science, why movement-based learning is beneficial for students and how to easily implement the Math & Movement strategies to meet the state requirements and boost student achievement. Participants are partnered with one of the host school’s students. Teachers are trained and then practice their newly-learned techniques with their student partner. Other topics include data-driven instruction, how to increase parental involvement and an optional train-the trainer session.

Participants will be amazed at how quickly their student learns with Math & Movement!

Program Cost: $295 per person

**Please make sure you can attend one of our current symposiums before purchasing!**

Current Symposiums:

Little Falls, NY – May 12th-13th, Benton Hall Elementary



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