Word Blending Mat Double H


Learn the fundamentals of reading through word building. Hop up the mat, sounding out each sound blended with the root at the top of the mat. Then tap the “Real word” or “Silly word” spot — students love the silly words! Each mat comes with ten root sounds cards.

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Dimensions: 20 inches x 90 inches

Materials: Heavy duty vinyl with 2 grommets for hanging

Includes: wh, th, sh, qu, and ch + blending cards

Sample Activity: Throw a bean bag on the Word Hop floor mat. Be sure the bean bag lands on one box. Hop to the bean bag, alternating between one and two-footed hops. Pick up the bean bag and blend the sound and root word.

A downloadable activity guide is included and will be sent in your confirmation email. 


Also available: Order our complete set of Word Blending Mats for $895, a savings of $50 off the price of the individual mats!



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