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The Math & Movement™ Program

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Children love to move. Learn how to harness that energy and turn it into enthusiasm for acquiring number concept skills, including skip counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other number concepts. The Math & Movement Program has been proven successful in using whole body movement activities to reinforce math learning in the classroom while increasing physical education minutes.

“I am amazed at how quickly my daughter learned to multiply. It really built her confidence in math! She is so proud that she was a first grader who could multiply. I especially like that the kids understand what multiplying really is. I hope your research becomes a standard for teaching multiplication.”

The Math & Movement Program for Schools includes:
· 3 hour onsite workshop
· 5 access passes to additional online workshops at Math & Movement’s educational website
· 5 training manuals
· Introduction to Math & Movement DVD
· 6 Skip Counting classroom banners
· 1 Add and Subtract classroom mat
· 7 Number Line Hopping classroom mats
· 7 Playground stencils
Learn more about this exciting math program for your school.

Price $4,995
Item number mm3000


Math & Movement™ Common Core State Standards Package

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This package helps your students by:

· Speeding learning of math facts
· Maximizing learning readiness
· Reaching the kinesthetic learner
· Supporting Mastery Learning
· Combating obesity
· Differentiating Instruction
· Supporting Equity
· Engaging students
Included in the Package:
· (1) 6 hour onsite workshop
· (20) Access passes to online training (train teachers who missed the workshop or use as a refresher course)
· (30) Math & Movement training manuals
· (1) Introduction to Math & Movement DVD
· (6) Skip Counting classroom banners
· (1) Add and Subtract floor mat
· (7) Number Line Hopping floor mats
· (7) Playground stencils
· (1) Number Line 1-10 floor mat
· (1) Clock Hop floor mat
· (1) Place Value Hop P2 (millions) floor mat and cards
· (1) Place Value Hop P3 (decimals) floor mat and cards
· (1) Cartesian Coordinates Hop floor mat
· (1) Fraction Hop 1/3 and 1/6 floor mat
· (1) Fraction Hop ½ and ¼ floor mat
· (1) Equivalent Fractions floor mat
· (1) Attribute Word Hop floor mat
· (1) Ordinal Numbers Hop floor mat
· (1) Color Hop floor mat
· (1) My First Shapes Hop floor mat
· (1) Dollar Hop floor mat
· (1) Hop by Tens floor mat
· (1) Operations floor mat
· (1) Factor Fun floor mat
· (1) Geometric Shapes Hop floor mat
· (1) Angle Hop floor mat
· (1) Hop Scotch for Threes floor mat
· (1) Multiplication Hop Scotch floor mat
· (1) Positive/Negative Numbers floor mat

Price $9,995
Item number mm3000CCSS

Product Reviews

Review 1

Math and Movement is up and running. My students (gr 4 and 5) are loving the warm-ups and I love the beanpole to get their attention. I just wanted to thank you for an awesome presentation and I will definitely keep in touch!

Review 2

One year after implementing the program, we have seen the following changes. Math is now fun for students; they are learning while enjoying the movement and the chanting. We don’t hear groans when it is time to do math. Math remediation is no longer monotonous drill work. It is active, participatory movement that encompasses visual, auditory and kinesthetic cues so that all learning styles are incorporated. Pre and post assessments showed steady growth in math skill. Hallway math became a part of the culture at our school. Noise in the halls became productive noise with skip counting and math facts being recited as children walked from one classroom to another. Time that had been just empty time was now filled with the joy of math! An added benefit was the increase in physical movement during the day. More oxygen flowing, more energy, more calories burned…. helping students stay fit with healthy minds and healthy bodies.

What is unique about Math and Movement is that it is not one more thing on the plate of teachers. It revitalizes what has already been on the plate, but has not been yielding results in return for the investment of time. We still ended up with students who did not like math and who were not learning math. Many students and adults are victims of “math phobia” resulting from math instruction that did not work for them. Math and Movement changes the way children learn math to an interactive approach that incorporates cross-body movements that engage both the right and the left side of the brain. Therefore, the learning “sticks” and children actually can see number relationships as they learn through the mats and charts that accompany Math and Movement.

Review 3

This was an excellent presentation! Especially for the remedial students but all students will benefit from Math & Movement. I really liked that you did not stress left or rights to begin the movements. I would have liked a longer presentation.

Review 4

The ideas were wonderful. It makes me excited to teach math. I loved the active math part of the presentation. I rank the presentation a ten!

Review 5

I think these activities will make a positive change in attitude and increase confidence within my classroom. I will use several if not all skip counting activities to help with multiplication instruction.

Review 6

This presentation gave me great ideas that I can use right away in my classroom. I am amazed at how fun and easy math can be.

This exceeded my expectations. I benefitted from developing an awareness of how body muscle movement is important to the brain’s cognitive understanding of knowledge.

Review 8

This workshop really opened my eyes to how much I make my students sit. I learned great ideas for transitions! This workshop is excellent!

Review 9

This was great! I feel as though I can use everything discussed today on a daily basis in my classroom. I learned how to introduce algebra to 4th graders without scaring them.

Review 9

I enjoyed leaning how movement relates to brain function and its importance. This was very interesting and useful in the classroom.

Review 10

This was very helpful. I will use these ideas often in Math and all subjects as brain breaks.

Review 11

You went way beyond my expectations. I loved learning that I can apply for grants for these wonderful mats!

Review 12

This presentation very clearly met my expectations. I absolutely loved it! I am interested in bringing this awesome program to my school.

Review 13

I teach Special Education and my students will love this program!

Review 14

What a fun way to learn. I loved the ideas and will use them. Skip counting is one of our standards.

Review 15

I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleased with the results. I enjoyed observing our students be involved with the activities.

Review 16

I learned how to facilitate student learning of number concepts while kinesthetically connecting knowledge. I enjoyed learning new ways to teach academic skills. Students with disabilities benefit from the use of movement to promote proper brain function and acquisition of academic skills. Thank you for your presentation.

Review 17

I am teaching third grade this year. We are really focusing on multiplication and division facts. I feel that my students will greatly benefit from Math & Movement’s repetitive, kinesthetic math activities. Thank you so much for today!

Review 18

Awesome! Great Idea! I think this is so great for active kids as well as brain breaks. This will help with behavior problems also! So much better than traditional math!

Review 19

This is fabulous. I have never used movement as a part of mathematics and it is such a simple concept. I can’t believe that I never thought of it before.

Review 20

Very exciting! We are quick to forget that there are other ways to learn other than “sit down and listen.” I can also see myself using these activities with my gifted students who always want more!

Review 21

I liked learning ways to incorporate movement with literacy! Many of my kindergarteners are kinesthetic learners. Math assessments are becoming long and rigorous for young kindergarteners. I think Math & Movement will help better prepare my students with their math skills but also provide a way to relieve stress and build confidence.

Review 22

A real and feasible way for math concepts to stick! A great way for math to come alive! Our students are very active and have trouble with skip counting. This will be wonderful for all our students.

Review 23

I learned amazing techniques and tools to help get my kids active in their learning…even beyond math. I loved all the skip counting movements! Excellent workshop!

Review 24

Many of our first grade students have behavior issues. I feel that Math & Movement is a wonderful way for them to release their extra energy.

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